"...the international community has come to understand that the exploration of outer space is impossible without a nuclear rocket engine..."

- Nikolai Ponomarev-Stepnoy, vice president of the Kurchatov Institute scientific center

Mission Statement

Artist’s concept of Bimodal Nuclear Thermal Rocket returning to Earth after a crewed mission to Mars.

At the Nuclear Space Technology Institute, our vision is to provide education of, and enhance interest in space nuclear power and propulsion technology. Our mission is to educate, inform, promote and otherwise advance the use of atomic energy for the exploration of space. Our intention is to reach the public at large, the scientific community, educational institutions and other space advocacy organizations.

A space program based on chemical rocket propulsion and solar power will offer a limited space program. Whereas, a nuclear power and propulsion component can offer a space program with greater potential.

We foresee international advancement, in our schools, universities and colleges worldwide, given the funding for those students that have a strong commitment, academic background and ability to recognize objectives we all wish to attain in space exploration and space commerce.

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